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I have spent weeks warning about the danger that Trump would pose if he lost the election.

And I was wrong. So wrong.

It has amazed me for four years to see once powerful politicians bending to Trump’s will, living in fear of his tweets. Even foreign leaders walked on eggshells around him. His base was beyond rabid. This election cycle they were willing to risk illness and even death from COVID-19 to attend his rallies.

I imagined that his hold on the Republican Party and his base was ironclad.

I was convinced that if Trump lost the election, he would carry this power and the fear and intimidation that it caused to his new center of power in Mar-a-Lago. I feared that he would set up a shadow government there, encouraging his base to reject the legitimacy of the Biden administration, causing riots and division that might result in civil war.

And I was wrong. So wrong. Oregon-Li05.html Oregon-Li04.html Oregon-Li03.html Oregon-Li02.html Oregon-Li01.html Oregon-Li00.html

Trump’s power has been revealed to be the thinnest of veneers. Once cowed politicians have begun to stand up for themselves and their party again. While not yet openly defying Trump, they are not enthusiastically supporting him either. And a few have begun to do the unthinkable and speak out against him, urging him to allow the transition process to begin.

Foreign leaders who have less to fear from Trump, have been openly welcoming Biden as the President Elect as soon as it became clear that he had won the election.

And Trump’s base, which once seemed so rock solid, has been losing its enthusiasm. The Million Maga March on Saturday was sparsely attended. Crowds were estimated at an anemic 5,000 compared with the 470,000 that attended the Women’s March after Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

And the violence that I had predicted? I think one person was stabbed. The power of White Supremacy is fading as quickly as Trump’s power.

This will only serve to embolden members of the Republican Party against Trump. They have been hesitant to do anything that might alienate Trump’s base whose votes they need. That base seems to be seeping away in a slow, steady trickle freeing the Republican Party to reshape their party and their platform to their liking.

The truth has been exposed. Without the power of the presidency, Trump has no power, no leverage to impose his will on a democratic country. He tried hard for four years to turn this country into a fascist state but in the end, our democracy won. Barely.

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