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Photo by geralt on Pixabay

I have spent weeks warning about the danger that Trump would pose if he lost the election.

And I was wrong. So wrong.

It has amazed me for four years to see once powerful politicians bending to Trump’s will, living in fear of his tweets. Even foreign leaders walked on eggshells around him. His base was beyond rabid. This election cycle they were willing to risk illness and even death from COVID-19 to attend his rallies.

I imagined that his hold on the Republican Party and his base was ironclad.

I was convinced that if Trump lost the election, he would carry this power and the fear and intimidation that it caused to his new center of power in Mar-a-Lago. I feared that he would set up a shadow government there, encouraging his base to reject the legitimacy of the Biden administration, causing riots and division that might result in civil war. …

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